The DesQ Project

The DesQ Project aims to provide a minimalistic, yet a wholesome desktop experience on all devices - laptops, tablet, mobile and pcs - of all ages - old, new or brand new. DesQ, unlike KDE or GNOME, is light on RAM, while still delivering an excellent user experience. With a variety of apps catering to the various needs of the user, DesQ gives you a great

The CoreApps

A great desktop experience is created when a smooth UI meets a nice bunch of basic apps which integrate nicely with the DE. The CoreApps Project was born out of the need for feature-rich pure Qt apps, which are low and resources and high on usability. While the DesQ project gives an excellent file-manager, a simple terminal and a resource meter, it lacks in several other useful utilities - calendars, integrated bookmarks management, batch rename utility, file/folder search, etc. The CoreApps Suite fills this void beautifully.

Related Projects

The Team

We're currently a small team of 5 members managing multiple projects - DesQ, Paper Desktop, CoreApps, and Focal Apps. Quite a bit of code developed in one project is used in our other projects.

Get in touch

You can hang out with us on OFTC or matrix