The DesQ Desktop Environment comprises of smaller projects - DesQ libraries, Session Manger, Shell, DesQ Utils and a small group of integrated apps. While the individual components can be compiled and installed separately, a simple compile script is provided.

DesQ - Dependencies

The rest of the compile and install instructions assume that the following dependencies are installed. The package names indicated are from debian. The DesQ project uses wayfire as the defacto window manager. This is a runtime dependency.

DesQ Installation - The Simple Way

The simple way has two simple steps:
  1. Download the compile script
  2. Run the compile script
  3. python
Note: This requires an active internet connection. Also, the script uses git to download the sources.

DesQ Installation - The Difficult Way

If you prefer to install DesQ manually, and want to have
  1. Install all the dependencies. (duh...)
  2. Download, compile and install libdesq
  3. Similarly, download, compile and install libdesqui
  4. Similarly, download, compile and install libdesqwl